Back in 2012, I founded the notable menswear and lifestyle magazine known as Men's Fashion Post. What started as a simple inspirational menswear destination on Instagram has evolved to a menswear and lifestyle magazine that can be found both online and in print. Men’s Fashion Post publishes the magazine twice a year and produces stories online. Men's Fashion Post has led the menswear world on social media boasting millions of followers on Instagram

Today I hold the role of Editor-in-Chief at Men's Fashion Post which keeps me quite busy throughout the year. But I have a passion for trying new things and knowing a little bit of everything and so I make it a point to always engage in experiences that will further grow my skills and my knowledge. Examples of this can be from having a social media presence, to accepting consulting opportunities, and even taking on the challenge of photography. Like I once stated, I am a jack of all trades, a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. Be sure to stay connected with me by following me on Instagram or by simply sending me an email. 

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